Personal Development Ideas: Becoming a Better You

Personal Development Ideas Becoming a Better You

It’s only natural to want to improve yourself. Striving to make things better is what drives your life, and while it’s easy to focus on making concrete things like your house or your job better, it gets a little hazy when you turn the scope of personal development onto yourself and start to take a look. Every person wants to learn how to improve, but this admirable goal is not always as easy as it sounds.

Everyone is different, and there isn’t always a one-size-fits-all solution that can be prescribed to encourage personal growth. Fortunately, there are plenty of techniques out there that you can tailor to your own needs as you start heading down the path towards the best version of you at the end. Formulating a great personal development plan is one key step, but some helpful personal development ideas can propel you even further. Take a look at the useful points below to learn the actions you can take to supplement your plan.

Set Goals

When you’re working to improve yourself, you want to be moving forward consistently and changing things up. One key way to learn more about who you are and how you work well is to start setting concrete, measurable goals. Aside from the satisfaction you’ll get from meeting them, the process of achieving a goal can teach you areas of your life you might need to work on. Plus, you’ll become a better problem solver over the course of time. Start small, and pick one goal to reach that has a measurable outcome, such as “I want to shave a minute off my mile-running time in one month.” Quantifying the goal gives you a metric to know if you met it or not. Create steps to follow to achieve the goal, and set out to complete it. Even if you don’t get your desired results, it’s a valuable learning experience that teaches you to follow through and be flexible, which are skills you can apply just about anywhere.

Learn to Focus

Modern life is full of every kind of distraction imaginable, from celebrity news to video games. It’s easy to fall into their carefully laid traps, but when you do this, you cease to focus on yourself and your success. Become more aware of your surroundings, and plan out your day if you need to get into the habit of cutting out unnecessary activities. When you’re better able to focus on completing tasks that help you move ahead in the world, you’re doing what’s best for yourself.

Form New Habits

It’s much easier to form a bad habit than to break out of it, but with your renewed sense of focus, you can create fresh, useful habits that help propel you forward. This is also important because, like a goal, it requires you to focus on an area of your life that needs improvement. Forming new habits forces you to develop more self-discipline, which you’ll always find useful in the future.

They say it takes 21 days to develop a habit, but making a commitment to trying it for a whole month is a surefire way to increase your new habit’s odds of sticking. Good new habits to foster include completing your most challenging work tasks before lunch, eliminating multitasking and learning to focus, making lists, and limiting technology distractions (like your cell phone while you’re working).

Conquer Your Fears

In the wise words of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the only thing you have to fear is fear itself. Being fearful results in plenty of consequences and missed opportunities, and it usually happens when you feel like you don’t have control over your life. Realize that you cannot control what other people do or say, but you can control how you respond to it. You are in control of your own life, and this gives you the power to shape yourself and your path in whatever way you want. Start by facing a small fear head on, and you’ll realize that it was all in your mind.

Show Gratitude

Start taking time to count all the blessings in your life and be thankful for them. Don’t necessarily think about all the things you have; think about the people who help you and love you and are always there for you. And don’t stop there. Let these people know how much they mean to you and how you’re grateful for their presence in your life. When you’re able to see the good in others, it’s easier to see it in all the things you do. In addition, it’s important to show gratitude to yourself. You’ve gotten this far in life, and maybe you’ve had to overcome a lot to accomplish that. Thank your current self for everything it has done, and promise it that you’ll work even harder to improve it for the future.

Out of all the things in your life you can build, your own destiny is one of the most important. Working to develop yourself takes time and a firm desire to improve, but when you have an effective plan in place and utilize the steps above to work through it, soon nothing will be able to stop you.

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